Derpyyyyy…. You’re such a silly pony ^_^

Are you a Whovian? I’ve started a journal for our long marathon through Classic Doctor Who.

Made by my friend Diamond Ice!

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We’re a pretty awesome species, if I do say so myself. Heh…



“I’d like to thank the academy, my buddy GB, and also Sapphire-Eyed Rarity for reblogging a post that one time. Oh, and I’d also like to thank Celestia for the sun, Luna for the moon-” (continues for about an hour or so)

{OOC: I was going to sing a song for the milestone (cause I do a MEAN Rarity impression), but it seems that won’t be feasible any time soon. DD: So you’ll have to make do with me saying that I LOVE YOU ALL}

Awesome job! Looking forward to the future of BSW!

Next question please…

I really like it here in Ponyville. I’m not sure I’ll ever leave…

Hey Tumblr! The name’s GB! I’m a Griffon living in Ponyville and I’m here to answer your questions! Ask away, everypony!